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Exclusive Domain Auction announced for April 3-5, 2008 in Amsterdam

Domain Auction returns to Casino Affiliate Convention

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to get the best traffic-generating domains

The previous casino Domain Auction held at CAC2008 Amsterdam saw more than 33 domains change hands, with the sale of topping the charts at a price tag of $1.18 million. The transaction ranks as one of 2007's top five domain sales, according to DNJournal (as of 10/19/07).

The current Amsterdam event will include the following domains for auction by Moniker:


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  • Macau auction to expand vertical niches beyond casino and gaming

    Over 10,000 domains have been submitted for consideration to the upcoming auction. The Moniker team is currently evaluating all of these to select on the best 2,000 domains for the Online Domain Auction. Only the highest quality premium domains available on the market will be on auction at CAC Amsterdam. In addition to Casino and Gaming domains, this auction will also contain top traffic-driving domains for broader e-commerce and affiliate businesses.

    Now is the time to acquire these traffic generating domains before prices continue to rise and push them out of reach. Be sure to take advantage of Moniker's Online Domain Auction at CAC Amsterdam.

    Get started now

    1. REGISTER FOR THE CASINO AFFILIATE CONVENTION. As a registered attendee of the Casino Affiliate Convention, you'll be entitled to full access to bid in the Online Domain Auction. At the conference, you'll receive a special password for exclusive access to the Interactive Auction Inventory System and Online Auction platform.

    2. GET A HEAD START. Thousands of domains will be available in the Online Domain Auction. Start your research early. The Auction Inventory will be available at Moniker starting in early November. You'll want to research the terms you're interested in to see which suit your brand or product strategy best. Other research and considerations you may wish to evaluate:

  •  Monthly visitors
  •  Keyword strength
  •  Length of time the domain has been registered
  •  Alexa rankings and other third-party stats
  •  Appraised value

    (Moniker's appraisal system is one of the best in the market and has been recognized by the IRS and domain financing lenders. Request a Moniker appraisal now.)

    3. LINE UP FINANCING IN ADVANCE. Don't let cash flow stop you from getting the domain you need for your busines. Our partners at Domain Capital are currently accepting financing applications for up to 60% of the purchase price. This will help leverage your purchasing power to buy more names or names of higher quality. Normal credit criteria and collateral documentation will apply. For more information, contact

    4. LOG ON, BID & WIN: Starting, Wednesday, November 28, you can visit to start bidding. The Online Auction system offers several features of interest:
    Automatic Bidding - Set your Limit Bid to automatically outpace other bidders - based on preset increments - up to a maximum dollar amount determined by you.

    Watch Lists - Set up a watch list with specific domains you're interested in and receive e-mails when activity on those domains occurs.

    Staggered closing times - The items in the Auction will have a staggered closing process starting Tuesday, December 4. "Time left" shows the approximate closing time for each auction item.

    Extended bidding in effect - If bidding activity occurs within 30 minutes of the auction closing time, bidding will be extended by another 30 minutes.

    For more information about Moniker's Casino and Gaming Auction at the Casino Affiliate Convention, contact or call toll free at 1 800 688 6311 or interational at USA +1 954 984 8445.

    Submit Your Domain for Auction

    Submission closed for all domain names on February 13. However, Moniker will include it only if it is a ***single word domain*** (NO hyphens), then submit it to Include "CAC Amsterdam 2008" in the subject line. If you do not include "CAC Amsterdam 2008" in the subject line, your high value domain will not be reviewed.

    You can submit any of your gaming domains for the Auction in Macau for November 21-22, 2008. Submit it to Include "CAC Macau 2008" in the subject line. If you do not include "CAC Macau 2008" in the subject line, your domain will not be considered.


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